Business Growth

Marketing Leads

Companies are beginning to understand the impact that content marketing has on boosting lead generation. 71% of B2B marketing experts employ content marketing to drive more leads, producing premium content to present thought leadership and engage more targeted prospects. Additionally,  content focused marketing yields 300% more fresh marketing leads than traditional marketing and costs 62% less...

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5 Benefits of using social media management companies

Companies of all sizes are now compelled to consider how social media fits into their marketing mix. Larger enterprise brands may be evaluating whether to integrate social media using their existing marketing resources or hire a new full time member of staff to handle their social marketing. Both of these strategies can result in significant disadvantages that are resolved by partnering with outsourced social media management companies.   Let’s consider five benefits of working with an external social media agency to accelerate website traffic, lead generation and business growth.   1 Know-how......

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