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Social Media Lead Generation

Social media isn’t simply for “liking” amusing photos or “tweeting” what you eat! I’m regularly asked if social media can be employed effectively for lead generation. Put simply, the answer to the question is absolutely, yes! But you need to discover where and how to catch the perfect fish!   Relationships Building relationships with prospective customers is crucial. Social media connections are about “people-to-people”. Getting to know your audience online, engaging and sharing information. To develop an effective lead generation program, it’s essential to begin by establishing objectives and developing an ideal......

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5 Benefits of using social media management companies

Companies of all sizes are now compelled to consider how social media fits into their marketing mix. Larger enterprise brands may be evaluating whether to integrate social media using their existing marketing resources or hire a new full time member of staff to handle their social marketing. Both of these strategies can result in significant disadvantages that are resolved by partnering with outsourced social media management companies.   Let’s consider five benefits of working with an external social media agency to accelerate website traffic, lead generation and business growth.   1 Know-how......

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