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Blogging might not be easy, but developing and maintaining a superior business blog strategy is the way to power your internet marketing resulting in long lasting lead generating assets and considerable marketing ROI


STOP! - Seriously, blogging works!

We need to emphasise the importance of blogging because it’s that important …  The average company that blogs generate:

More website visitors
More inbound links
More leads
More indexed pages

Why blogging works..!

Establish Reputation

We produce blog articles that feature well crafted and informative content that influences prospects, position your business as an expert in your market and allow prospects to engage with your brand at their pace

Build Relationships

It's extremely quick and easy to react to customer queries while obtaining invaluable feedback. Also, customers can comment or share your blog posts and feel more engaged with your brand when you reply

Hit the SEO sweet spot

Our copy writers deliver intriguing, blog content that can persuade other relevant site owners to back-link to your blog from their websites. Quality back-links improve your Google love and visibility on search engines

Blogging is the gift that keeps giving...!

Each published blog post, remains visible and continues to work hard to attract visitors permanently. If a blog is posted today, visitors will still be able to find that post in search engines in years to come. Unlike PPC, where you stop the investment and the leads stop too! Blogging yields results for years


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