How to increase traffic to website lickety split, double quick

Increase Website Traffic

Developing and maintaining a strategy to increase website traffic is not something that will happen overnight, however, the following tips are some of the most effective ways to increase traffic to website fast.

Blog, Blog and Blog some more…!

82% of marketers who have become daily bloggers gained a customer from their blog, compared to 57% of marketers who only blog once month.

Launching and building a business blog is an awesome method to attract more web traffic. Despite the fact that results are not necessarily immediate, as soon as you have amassed about 50 articles, your web traffic will begin to increase.

Blogging is the gift that keeps giving..! Every posted blog article, continues to be accessible and keeps on working hard to entice web traffic forever. If a blog is published today, site visitors can still discover that article on search engines in years to come. In contrast to PPC, wherein you halt the funding and the leads stop also! Blogs generate results for years!

Share and share alike..!

83% of marketers state that social media marketing is important for their business

Placing clear social share buttons on all your blog articles is vital, because the more people who share your blog articles, the greater the volume of web traffic you will see. Sharing others blogs together with your own is additionally a very good method to create traffic, as other bloggers are frequently more likely to return the favour and share your blogs.

When you consistently create and publish extraordinary content on your social media, your content will benefit from a potentially endless life-span and the new life provided by this earned media, when your audience elect to promote your content to their networks by sharing or liking social media posts or forwarding emails etc.

You will not merely expand your audience, more importantly your audience will become your promoters and brand ambassadors. Social media has a 100% higher lead to close ratio than traditional outbound marketing.

Get to grips with SEO

86% of consumers state using search engines enabled them to discover something new or significant that helped them increase knowledge

Ensure that every blog post and web page is search engine optimised to provide the greatest potential of establishing and increasing website traffic. Great content based on a effectively investigated keyword strategy is now driving structured Inbound Search Engine Optimisation strategy and is the secret to increasing search engine rankings & increased website traffic.  60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top 3 search results.

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