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Engage customers where they are every day: their inbox

Email Marketing is an easy and effective way to help build strong relationships with customers and prospects. Easy to forward to others, email newsletters make it easy to spread the word about your business, contributing to an impressive ROI for email marketing,

SEO Crowd has selected Constant Contact as our strategic partner for our email delivery platform. According to Aberdeen Group research group email marketing based on this platform outperform their peers, generating 29 percent more revenue thanks to markedly higher open and click-through rates. 

Social Media Integration

Email campaigns kick starts your social media outreach as well, allowing you to drive traffic to blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, etc, making it easy for recipients to spread the word and become more engaged with your brand. We can magnify the efforts of a standard email campaign, populating it across your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds.

List Management

SEO Crowd can help you grow your list using built-in Forward-to-a-Friend and Join My Mailing List options. As important as it is to grow a list, managing that list is crucial to optimise the delivery and relevance of your messages. Our Email Marketing system will manages your bounce and unsubscribe requests and allows you to segment mailing lists to deliver content relevant to specific audiences within your list.

Measure and manage results

The important stage - we track your campaign and deliver a unique report for your results, detailing who has received your email, who has opened it, and who has clicked on which link -- helping you better understand which message best resonates with your audiences.

Guaranteed delivery

Finally, to ensure your messages are delivered exactly as they were designed, our emails are format-tested across popular email programs, including Outlook and Gmail among others. This combined with sophisticated anti-spam checks ensure messages avoid ISP blocking -- all resulting in an average delivery rate of 97 percent.