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A new way to engage your customers

Engage your existing contacts, connecting customers with your business on Facebook or Twitter. This connection or ‘Like’ instantly endorses your brand to every one of that customer’s Facebook friends, extending the reach of your message through modern word-of-mouth.

Everybody’s in the social media pool!

A new generation that’s responsible for the most growth on social media sites in recent years. With every demographic taking a dip in the social media pool, it’s more than likely that your customers are active on one or more of Facebook Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Deliver exclusive content

Get things off to a great start by providing your fans with content exclusive to Facebook. Resources such as how-to-guides, personalised product videos or hidden tips and tricks will keep your fans coming back to your page again and again. From there you can take your fan experience to the next level and drive promotions direct to Facebook fans. Facebook fan exclusivity motivates page sharing, gathering more fans as the promotion naturally snowballs. For non-profits organisations Social Campaigns are the perfect way for you to help you raise donations while building cause or event awareness.