SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting involves writing specifically for website copy, which can be very different to other print copywriting. The distinct difference is that website copywriting is tailored to attract search engines and human readers simultaneously. This is achieved by integrating keywords but without being off-putting to the human reader.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriter

Do I need a copywriter?

Without content, search engines are unable to locate and rank your pages. With inferior quality content, search engines may find your page, but their ranking algorithms will not understand what your website is concerning.

However, SEO copywriting content is not about filling a page with keywords, it needs to be written in a structured manner. Poorly written website copy can result in poor website ranking in Google and other search engines, and it will be unsuccessful in engaging your customers.

Authority & Relevance Your Route to Success

While keyword analysis is critical, search engine algorithms continue to change. Google rates the authority and relevance of your web pages, together with the views of your content from others and crucially the words written about your website.

SEO is about delivering content so compelling that visitors want to share and link to it, which in turn improves your authority and helps the pages rank higher for specific keywords.

SEO Copywriting Success

The SEO Secret Sauce

SEO copywriting is an important investment that will help you achieve a greater ROI, higher search engine ranking and a website that your customers will find  more engaging.

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We’re not a one trick pony, in addition to SEO and digital marketing services, we also provide a variety of integrated services including responsive web design, content marketing services particularly blog writing, SEO audits, conversion rate optimisation and many others.

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