Perfect SEO & PPC to supercharge targeted franchise leads

Targeted Franchise Leads

SEO and PPC are alleged to be mystical by many business operators. While they are both as equally fascinating and complex; employed strategically they will boost your targeted franchise leads. But please be aware that, innumerable franchisors that I speak to, seem to receive an unbelievable amount of poor advice in this area.

So let’s take a look at the key points to smash your targeted franchise leads


1 Your website is the #1 tool to attract, deliver value and answer your prospective franchisees questions & fears

Your franchise recruitment website’s main role is to attract targeted franchise prospects and convert them into leads, as your visitors complete a form or call you on your specific lead tracking number.

However SEO & PPC only drives your visitor traffic! It’s your website’s content that converts prospect visitors into franchise leads. But effective SEO and PPC begins with an effective website.  Regardless of where prospects begin their search, they will eventually arrive at your website and this is when the real decision to engage or not is made. Great targeted content that adds value and answers your prospects questions or concerns wins a dialogue.


2 Make sure your telling your story but NO Jackanory – Transparency wins!

Convey your complete brand story on your franchise recruitment website, no porky pies, full transparency and don’t skip any details.  People like to read about your hurdles as well as your triumphs and successes, as this demonstrates that as a brand/network you have come up against challenges and have overcome them, which in turn translates into lessons learned and problems avoided for new franchises. Additionally, because Franchising can mean significant investment, prospects take the time to read the small print.

The franchisor’s role has evolved from being the initial point for investigatory dialogue with prospective franchisees. Potential investors instead opt to conduct comprehensive research about your brand and opportunities by studying the content on your franchise recruitment website and other sources. Franchise recruitment has changed forever, prospective franchisees prefer to obtain as much information as possible before they engage with the franchisor. It is believed that up to 80% of the success of franchise websites is down to content including, text, infographics and video.

Your franchise recruitment site is potentially your single opportunity to command the whole story of your franchise brand to every targeted franchise lead. Fundamentally, just how successfully you tell your brand story, can not merely decide the actual number of franchise leads you receive, but moreover how many franchisees you subsequently recruit.

Attaining ideal franchisees is not about writing creative headlines such as “Get onboard this taxi cab opportunity that’s far from taxing” or “Growing the seeds of success in the gardening field”, it’s about creating a trusted and proven vision about; why your franchise opportunity is distinct, rewarding and sustainable over the long term. You need to demonstrate to your prospects exactly what is required to succeed as a franchisee in your unique brand network.


3 Being found is only step #1- Franchising SEO is won or lost with vocabulary and context.

Prospective franchisees search queries and phrases when investigating the best franchise opportunities that meet their requirements, ambitions and lifestyle. The results of your search strategy is dependent on understanding the prevalent questions, fears and interests prospects have and the vocabulary they use. Your franchise website must be optimised for as many of these queries and phrases as possible.

Each page and article should be optimised to rank for a specific key phrase. Typically Google will list your sub pages and blog posts rather than your home page. Therefore continually producing new blog posts, landing pages, content pages and videos etc that are optimised to provide the answers to the queries that your prospects are searching for.

Effective franchise SEO is all about providing interesting, educational content that your prospects want to read..!


4 Instant visibility with PPC for Targeted Franchise Leads

PPC is entirely different to SEO, it can be used for two particular visibility objectives:

Initially, PPC will provide instant visibility for search phrases that you currently find challenging to rank for. Such as searches that aren’t naturally associated with your franchise brand, sector or market. For example you can invest in a PPC advert that will list your brand when someone searches for a competitor name or product, therefore resulting in visibility for previously unachievable key phrases.

Subsequently, PPC can be employed to enhance visibility for existing terms that you DO rank for naturally. Combining SEO and PPC advertising, can result in significantly more targeted franchise leads than serparately. Displaying two results for a single search establishes confidence and credibility with your prospects.

As with SEO, choose key phrases that your prospects are searching for. However, don’t waste budget on key phrases that don’t convert into franchise leads.




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