Social Fishing Lead Generation for Franchising Victory

Lead Generation for Franchising

Social media isn’t simply for “liking” amusing photos or “tweeting” what you eat! I’m regularly asked if social media can be employed effectively for lead generation for franchising. Put simply, the answer to the question is absolutely, yes! But you need to discover where and how to catch the perfect fish!

Lead Generation for Franchising



Building relationships with prospective franchisees is crucial. Social media connections are about “people-to-people”. Getting to know your audience online, engaging and sharing information. To develop an effective lead generation program, it’s essential to begin by establishing objectives and developing an ideal audience profile commonly known as Buyer Persona.


Initially concentrate your social efforts on social networking groups that contain individuals that match your buyer personas. So for example if your franchise offering is a professional service or new online legal process etc and let’s say that one of your franchisee buyer personas is Solicitors, begin by looking for networking groups focused on solicitors, law, professional services etc.


The next step is to engage and contribute to discussion groups which will give you a better understanding of the groups contributors and audience. This interaction will also get you noticed and consequently an accepted member of the group.


It’s a great idea to also target groups that might provide referrals such as accountants, estate agents and financial planners etc. If you’re active in these social groups it’s fairly easy to solicit support and accumulate insight. The referral is key here, as you’ll be amazed at how many leads you’ll get from prospects outside your target area. The fact that your were recommended by a mutual connection virtually negates the previous geographic barrier.


Lead generation for franchising using social media does take time and effort without question. However, as soon as you begin to engage with the right social networking groups, you’re likely to see a cascade of leads. It may all begin with a simple post that evokes a discussion with a respondent asking you what exactly you do. Bingo… now you’re interacting with an engaged potential prospect which may lead to your next franchise.

Usually however, it’s going to take significantly more effort, but don’t forget, people network online for specific reasons. They’re looking for new ideas, to expand business, improve their lifestyle or seek out new opportunities.



Social media is a dialogue. Organisations that simply blast out messages about themselves aren’t using social media channels effectively. The objective is to connect and be helpful. Share links to other intriguing facts you’ve found online. Individuals will be grateful you are noticing their work, too and in turn share your posts!

Hope you enjoyed the article. If your want to read more see another of my posts “Perfect SEO & PPC to supercharge targeted franchise leads

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