Lead Generation Strategy Build a Nest Before You Take Flight

Lead Generation Strategy

There are a multitude of tactics that you can and should employ as components of an integrated lead generation strategy. However, not all leads are created equal and not all lead generation methods delivery the same results.

4 of the most effective lead generation practices are:

  • Lead Generation Website Planning & Structure
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

But before I get into the 4 methods, I need to emphasise the two essential processes that you must first undertake way before you even consider lead generation tactics

Indentifying your ideal customer profile or “Buyer Persona” and taking time to understanding the phases of their progressive route to buying, known as “Buyer’s Journey” are without doubt, the most important principal processes you will ever invest your time and resources in.

Failure to complete these tasks will almost certainly guarantee that you won’t realize the best results from your marketing efforts.


Buyer Persona

First take a good look at your own client database and you should have the ability to determine which are your best and most profitable customers. Your ultimate objective is to attract the attention of your ideal audience and convert that interest into leads & convert leads into sales.

Significantly more than semi-fictional descriptions of your potential customers you want to impact.Effective buyer personas uncover insights about your buyers’ preferences, their perceptions, problems & indicators that may motivate their purchase decisions.

Your buyer personas must be created from real data gathered from real customers if it is likely to be effective. Really the only method of obtaining relevant and accurate data about customers is to talk to them directly.


Buyer’s Journey

This is the single most important marketing activity that you must get right to remain relevant & accelerate growth.

Simply put, a “buyer’s journey” is a model that represents a buyer’s progression along a research and selection process that results in a purchase.

The ultimate approach to lead generation strategy and how it relates to your “buyer’s journey” is to apply this in a context that pertains to your prospects. The most effective method of doing this is to map the buyer’s journey and create relevant & well timed content that interests, educates and helps engage your prospects.

While the specifics of each distinct business model’s buyer’s journey is undoubtedly different, the phases are typically the same:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

REMEMBER – It’s not just traffic you are looking for…. it’s targeted traffic. Plus it’s not just leads you want… it’s qualified leads!

Now that I’ve covered the base principals, let’s take a quick look at those top lead generation strategies that I mentioned earlier:


1 Plan, organise and build/rebuild a lead generation website to attract and nurture leads

If the last time you updated your lead generation website is more than a couple of years, then the odds are that it’s not optimised for lead generation. This is a non-exhaustive list of lead generation enhancements you should implement:

  • Employ customer centred site navigation that considers your prospects’ requirements and pain points to enable them to quickly locate the content they are searching for.
  • Create persona tailored content that’s also focused on each stage of the buyer’s journey that will attract and convert prospects.
  • Exploit various “calls to actions” with different levels of engagement, for example; subscribe to email, download free eBook, book a consultation, call me back etc.
  • Develop landing pages that help assess sales readiness, containing pricing info & easy, one click “Take Action” options. You’ll be surprised how many prospects are actually willing to commit before even talking with you.
  • Ensure you website is mobile optimised. Global mobile internet user penetration was over 52% [http://www.statista.com/topics/779/mobile-internet/]


2 Get optimised for search engines

Get this part right and prospects searching for information online using keywords that relate to your lead generation website content will be able to find you. Optimised websites will attract consistent, targeted traffic.

Essentially, the more effective your SEO, the more visible your website will become in the search engine rankings, which in-turn translates into increased leads for your brand.

I don’t have time to dive into an SEO lesson here, but fundamentally, you’ve got to create extremely valuable content that employ keywords your ideal prospects are frequently using to find information about your opportunity or concept. Then publish and market the content to so that visitors that are viewing your content begin to share with their network and link from their own websites.


3 Becoming more social with drive your lead generation

 Developing relationships with potential clients is essential. Social media is all about people to people. Get to know your potential clients online, engage and share insights.

In the beginning focus your social initiatives on social media groups that include people that fit your buyer personas. Connect and participate to discussion groups which provide you with a greater insight to the group’s members and audience.

It’s also a very good idea to aim for groups that may supply referrals such as accountants, consultants and financial planners etc. If you’re proactive in these groups it’s relatively effortless to obtain support and gather understanding. The referral is crucial here, as you’ll be astonished at the number of leads you’ll receive from prospects outside your target location. The point that your were endorsed by a mutual contact practically eliminates the geographical barrier.


4 Leverage the power of email marketing lead nurturing

The conventional email newsletter has essentially withered in its effectiveness. It’s no longer enough to simply land in a prospect’s inbox on a regular basis with boring sales focussed newsletter content.

To generate and nurture authentic leads, you must connect with your prospects with targeted content that educates, interests and inspires them. You have to go all out and discover their pain points and how you can solve their problems or challenges.

Today’s more informed, internet savvy prospects need to get to know, like and trust you before they will invest. Don’t go for the finish line too early, take time persuading them that you are a trustworthy, experienced specialist.


Key Takeaway

Effective marketing that generates results does not depend on conjecture. Understand you target audience and fine tune your strategy to fit their personas and buyers journey. If nothing else, ensure you utilise proven lead generation tactics including, lead generation website optimisation, SEO, Social Media and email nurturing to generate qualified leads.

Nevertheless, as you initiate your lead generation campaigns, you must accumulate and review your own analytics data that will empower you to continually revise and perfect your marketing initiatives to consistently attain improved results.




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