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The most effective way to generate more leads & sell more, unquestionably is Inbound Marketing. Marketers describe this in various ways, however the concept is this; the way people shop has fundamentally changed and that consequently necessitated a change in how we market.

 Stop interrupting me!

The first change is that customers have grown to be become better at blocking out outbound interruption marketing, regardless of whether it’s Caller ID for mobile and landlines, streaming or SKY+ recording to skip TV adverts, SPAM filters to avoid unwanted emails, etc… consumers no longer want to be advertised to.

I’m looking for the answer to..?

The second and considerably more profound change is that, prospects now have the ability to educate themselves.  Whether your prospects are considering investing in your products or services, attempting to understand the pros and cons or simply deciding if the service is right for them, instead of relying on advertising, prospects use the internet to research precisely what opportunity or solution is right for them, way before they ever think about speaking with anyone.

Become the destination, not the interruption.

The Inbound Marketing strategy is straight forward, if you’re able to become the source that educates your target audience, the brand that answers their questions when they’re researching and if do it in such a way that demonstrates that you’re an specialist in the industry and able to assist them, they’re going to be more inclined to get in touch with you when they’re ready to invest.

How do you do this?

1 Ensure you can be found

Attract qualified targeted prospects to your website.

Without a shadow of doubt, the most effective way to accomplish this is by blogging. Whereas your website is all about your sector, your blog posts need to be about your audience.  Carefully consider what questions your prospects are asking on search engines, assuming they need you but haven’t heard of you. These questions and the subsequent answers are what you should be blogging about.

For example, if you’re a health food store, publish articles about what types of super foods are best and the health benefits and interesting recipes.  If you’re an accountancy, write about how to easily complete VAT returns in 10 minutes, etc.

If your content is well crafted, relevant and adds value, you’re going to get increased traffic from search engines and enhance your presence on your social networks.

2 Turn your visitors into more leads

Convert targeted visitors into more leads

This is usually where most companies fumble the ball.  Nearly all websites I see, only offer a contact us page as a means to interact and engage, let’s face it, who actually completes a contact us form?

You need to provide your prospect visitors a compelling reason to convert into a lead.  This may be something like download “how to ABC” eBook or even as simple as a free “Expert Assessment,”. Remember, visitors found you searching for some kind of information, it’s your task to determine what it is they’re seeking and offer it to your prospects in a way that’s intriguing enough so that they trade their contact details in exchange.

3 Sell More services

Convert qualified leads and sell more…

Once you have this contact info, it’s time to begin nurturing your prospect further along the buyers journey, by communicating with highly personalised emails, social media interactions and automated workflows, that continue to offer additional information that keeps answering their questions, establishing your brands, authority, credibility and positions you as a thought leader to trust, until your prospect is closer to making a purchasing decision.

Remember – The initially discussion with a prospect shouldn’t be about your proposal, – it needs to be about your prospects’ questions, challenges and pain-points and how they intend to resolve them.



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